Val Evanoff

Functional Medicine Dietitian specializing in Chronic Digestive Issues, Thyroid Conditions & Women's Health.

Are your symptoms out of control?

  • Are you always tired & struggle to think clearly, no matter what?
  • Have you gained weight that just won't budge?
  • Do constipation & bloating rule your life?
  • Is your hair thinning, falling out or just getting dull?
  • Do you get sick often - yeast infections, colds, etc?
  • Do you struggle to fall asleep, stay asleep or feel rested after sleep?

Are you tired of "solutions" that don't work?

  • Are doctors offering medication as the only option?
  • Is your doctors' best advice to "just eat less"?
  • Have your symptoms changed but your doctors' advice has not?
  • Do providers tell you it's all in your head?
  • Have you tried all the diets, but you keep gaining weight?
  • Are you taking tons of supplements without any improvement?

Are you ready to feel better?

You’re tired of wasting time, money and energy on diets that don’t work, doctors who won’t listen and advice that just doesn’t fit your lifestyle.  You’re tired of just being tired!

This time can be different.

Today is the best day to start feeling better.  Even if you think you’ve tried everything, or you don’t have any time, or you’re afraid of failing (again?).   

Optimizing your health is my priority and my passion.  I’ll teach you the food & lifestyle changes that will make the difference in your health and finally feeling better.

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Are chronic digestive issues interfering with your daily life?  Are meals a nightmare because you don’t know what causes your symptoms?

Healing is possible.  If you are experiencing any of these symptoms or have been diagnosed with any of the conditions here, you can feel better.  

  • Chronic gas & bloating
  • Constipation, diarrhea or both
  • Pain or churning after meals
  • Headache or migraine after meals
  • IBS or IBD
  • SIBO
  • GERD or chronic heartburn
  • Celiac, food sensitivities & more

Thyroid conditions are often overlooked and underdiagnosed.  Healing is possible, even without medication.  

These common symptoms of thyroid conditions can be treated.

  • Low energy, fatigue
  • Unable to lose weight
  • Hair loss & skin issues
  • Joint and muscle pain
  • Brain fog
  • High cholesterol
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Mood swings, anxiety or depression

Meet Val

I’m a holistic functional nutritionist.  I use a whole-person, food first approach to help people with chronic health issues – like irritable bowel or food sensitivity – solve the root cause of their problem and heal their body so they can get back to living again.

I specialize in women’s health related to digestive, thyroid and autoimmune conditions.  My goal is to support every client with personalized, achievable goals and real results.

I bring my years of experience along with certifications in functional medicine and food sensitivities, to find and heal the root cause of your health issue.  My personal and dedicated approach brings relief and healing to my clients.  

Optimizing your health is my priority and my passion.  I’ll teach you the food & lifestyle changes that will make the difference in your health and finally feeling better.  Your personalized plan for healing includes:

  • Discover the root cause of your symptoms
  • Choose foods that heal & satisfy
  • Reduce toxic exposure
  • Remove food & mood triggers
  • Improve sleep & movement habits
  • Identify appropriate lab tests & supplements
  • Support hormone and digestive systems
  • Accountability and support for lasting success


Want to find out if I can help you?

I’m committed to empowering my clients to lead healthy and happy lives.  

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