Of course!  Schedule a FREE Get Acquainted call so we can get to know one another.  You can share your health goals and concerns.  I’ll explain how I work.  Then we can decide how to move forward.  

I do not accept medical insurance.  As you probably already know, insurance rarely covers nutrition counseling.  However, you can use your HSA card to pay for services, labs and sometimes even supplements.  

If you would like to seek coverage for nutrition services, I can provide you documentation, called a superbill, that you can submit for reimbursement. Reimbursement is not guaranteed and will depend on your insurance provider & plan.

Due to the complex nature of chronic disease and mystery illness, I only work within 6-8 month packages.

By the time you find me, you’ve probably been to (too) many doctors and specialists.  Although you’ve spent a lot of money and tried a lot of things, you are still “sick and tired” and don’t have any answers about how to actually heal.  

I am using a unique combination of my training in a whole food plant based diet, herbs, and a few key supplements to help my patients.  It’s personalized care and no two treatment plans are the same.

Healing takes time and I’ve found that 6-8 months is the ideal timeline for real change to take place.  I also educate you on how to continue healing after our work together has ended.

There are (2) ways to work with me at this time:

  1. If you are interested in becoming a patient – which is a 6-8 month commitment – we begin by ensuring we are a good fit for each other. Schedule a FREE Get Acquainted Session to begin.
  2. Purchase a single Ask Val session if you have a specific question. There is no further commitment here.
If you need to reschedule, please do so at least 24 hours in advance.  Without proper notice, cancellations and missed appointments may be charged in full.
Late Arrival
Arriving late (in person or by phone) may require us to shorten or reschedule your appointment.   
Great!  First, schedule your FREE Get Acquainted call

During our call we’ll have time to discuss your health issues and  ask any necessary questions.  I will do my best to ensure that your needs are within my scope of practice and experience.  And you can ensure that I have the skills you need.  You can also clarify any questions or concerns you have.

If indeed we are a good fit, and you are ready for this process, you’ll be offered a package and we’ll discuss what that entails.  Package details are not on my site.  And it’s important that you know that due to the complex nature of chronic disease and mystery illness, I only work within 6-8 month packages.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.  If you want to learn more about the process, visit my Get Started page.

I am committed to protecting your privacy.  Your records will be released only with your written consent, except as may be specifically required by law.  You can read my full privacy policy here.

All RD’s are nutritionists but not all nutritionists are RD’s.  Anyone can call themselves a nutritionist.  An RD must complete a rigorous education and training program followed by a comprehensive registration exam.  They can provide personalized nutrition counseling based on scientific, evidence-based information.

Functional nutrition is the practice of using food to maximize your health potential and reduce risk for disease.  It’s all about figuring out the best way for each person to eat.

We don’t need a scientist to tell us we feel better when we eat better – but science is clearly pointing to the link between food and health.  The nutrients, or lack of them, in our diet can influence our health.

Functional Nutrition emphasizes healthful eating personalized to YOUR genetics, lifestyle, environment, and health concerns. (IFM, 2014)

A Registered Dietitian (RD) can provide the highest level of nutritional counseling.  RD’s offer personalized advice to help manage chronic diseases, provide guidance on specialized diets, allergies and intolerances, and build weight loss programs that actually work.  

This 90 minute visit will include a review of your New Client form and a discussion of your goals and concerns.  We will set priorities and make a plan.  You will leave with some steps you can take immediately. 

Follow-up sessions will introduce new goals, adjust the plan as needed and address any questions you may have.

No problem.  You can call or email anytime.  I’m here to help. (Calls and emails received outside of business hours will be returned as soon as possible.)

No.  Anyone looking for nutrition advice, dietary counseling and healthy eating instruction can contact Be Well Nutrition directly to make an appointment.  If you are already working with another practitioner, such as an MD or naturopath, I can share your records at your request.

Please give 24-hour notice for any change in appointment time.  Without proper notice, your appointment may be charged in full. 

You can easily reschedule your appointment by clicking the Reschedule button on your reminder email.

HSA and flexible spending accounts with credit/debit cards can often be used to pay for services, labs and supplements.  Check with your insurance provider to verify coverage.  If covered, I do accept those forms of payment.

About Val

Val Evanoff is a Registered Dietitian and Therapist, certified in Intuitive Eating.  Her practice focuses on eating disorders, chronic digestive issues, and autoimmune conditions .  Her passion is empowering her clients to experience full recovery with a combination of nutrition and mental health therapy.