Thyroid conditions are often overlooked and underdiagnosed.  Healing is possible, even without medication.  

Is this a familiar story?

You struggle to stay awake, every day, no matter how much sleep you get.  You want to do more – go out with friends or try a new class at the gym – but the best you can do is make it through each day.

You seem to catch every cold, bug and illness that comes along and it sticks with you for weeks.  You have gas, bloating, stomach pain or other digestive issues that rule your life and cause embarrassment.

You’ve gained 10, 20, 30 pounds or more and can’t seem to lose it no matter what you try.  Even gentle exercise causes joint or muscle aches for days.

You just have a gut feeling that something is wrong and no one has been able to help.  Maybe they don’t even take your symptoms seriously.  

These common symptoms of thyroid conditions can be treated!


Such as gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain. Heartburn & GERD.


Such as eczema, psoriasis, itching, bumps or scaly patches, roseacea; dryness


Such as unexplained weight loss or gain, inability to lose weight


Related to joints and muscles, headaches or migraines

Cognition & Mood

Brain fog, poor concentration, memory loss, anxiety, general malaise. Sugar and carb cravings.

Hashimoto's or Other Thyroid Condition

Thyroid problems affect weight, metabolism and mood. Thinning hair and eyebrows.

PCOS or Other Hormonal Condition

Hormonal imbalances can affect fertility, weight, mood, energy levels and more. Fluid retention, PMS, irregular periods.


Poor sleep, never feel rested, constant & crushing fatigue

Food Intolerances

Immune response to food(s) leading to inflammation anywhere in the body

Inflammation & Immune System

Cholesterol & blood sugar management, yeast infections & UTIs

If this sounds like you, I can help.

You’ve probably been feeling this way for a long time.  You’ve tried so many things and you’re exhausted.  You want answers – and the energy to do more than simply survive.

I help women struggling with digestive issues – like constipation and bloating – thyroid conditions – like Hashimoto’s and hypothyroid – and other related symptoms that can feel like a mystery illness.  I help you put the pieces together and start healing.  

Are you ready to finally be heard, get some answers and start feeling better? 

Let’s get started today!

About Val

Val Evanoff is a Registered Dietitian, certified in Functional Medicine and food sensitivity testing (LEAP MRT).  Her practice focuses on women’s health issues, primarily digestive, thyroid and autoimmune conditions.  Her passion is helping her clients discover the power of food and lifestyle changes to drive healing and recovery from chronic illness.